Flight School

For once you have tasted flight you will walk the earth with your eyes turned skywards, for there you have been and there you will long to return.
-Leonardo da Vinci

Thinking of learning to fly? We would love to teach you!

Whether you are new to flight training or a returning, “rusty” pilot, we can help you to get safely and efficiently in the air. People have many different reasons for wanting to fly. You may want to become a pilot for transportation needs, to visit aging relatives, to attend distant business meetings, or to more frequently enjoy that vacation home. You may want to learn a new hobby, to get out of the house, or to launch an exciting new career path. Whatever your reason for considering flight lessons, we would enjoy discussing your goals and offering a flight training program to get you there.

We have two types of aircraft to train in, the low wing Piper Warrior and the high wing Cessna 172. Both types of aircraft are terrific primary flight trainers and are also available as rental aircraft.

We use an on-line scheduling program to make booking your flight lessons or rental aircraft easy and convenient. If you prefer, you can also call us to book your next flight lesson through a live person. We have flexible flight training hours and work hard to accommodate your schedule. We fly, weather permitting, seven days a week, year-round.

The flight training process can feel exciting and overwhelming as you research the numerous requirements and factors involved. Although there are many resources on the internet, the requirements are well defined by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA). There are four basic requirements to attain your Private Pilot Certificate; we can guide and help you to accomplish each of these.

    1. Obtain a medical certificate
    2. Complete the required flight and ground training
    3. Pass the Aeronautical Knowledge Test (AKT)
    4. Pass an oral and practical exam

Our school believes in using a defined course of study or curriculum for the flight training process. You should never wonder what your next lesson will entail or what skills are yet to be mastered. To help you accomplish this, we use the ASA Private Pilot Syllabus. The structure and frequent self-assessment of the syllabus not only helps you to feel confident in the airplane, but it will also assist you with preparation for the computerized Airman Knowledge Test (AKT). To reinforce your training, our partnership with Gold Seal Online Ground School offers our students the opportunity to obtain quality ground training at home in order to prepare for the AKT. Our staff is able to monitor each student’s lessons and progress and offer assistance as needed.

In most circumstances, earning a Private Pilot Certificate takes about a year. That normally requires one to two flight lessons each week. If your goal is to expedite and shorten that timeline, we would be happy to discuss an accelerated training program.

If you are ready to begin your pilot training, we suggest you take a flight lesson and set up a free consultation with our staff. During that consultation, we would like to get to know you, learn about your goals, expectations, and any factors in your life which may impact your training. This is a great time to discuss concerns or other questions you may have. It is a big decision to learn to fly and we want you to have all of the information you need to make an informed decision. During the consultation, we will help you to choose the aircraft and flight instructor best suited to your schedule and personality. We will map out how often you will fly and estimate the cost of your training.

If you’re not ready to jump right into our flight instruction program, then how about an Introductory Flight Lesson? We will take you flying for about 40 minutes during which time you will actually get to fly the airplane! You will experience flight, get comfortable with your new environment while asking questions to determine if flying is right for you.

Gift certificates are available for flight instruction.

Aircraft Rental

Piper Warrior N44836 – four seat, fixed-pitch, fixed-gear training and rental aircraft. This aircraft has dual nav/comms and, with a Garmin 430, is fully IFR capable

Piper Warrior N43337 – four seat, fixed-pitch, fixed-gear training and touring aircraft. The warrior has dual nav/comms and is IFR certified. This aircraft is available for primary or instrument training and also as a rental aircraft. 

2002 Cessna 172SP. Four seat, high wing aircraft with a fuel-injected 180 hp engine. Avionics include 2 nav/comm radios, GPS capable of IFR enroute and terminal approaches and a color multi-function display coupled to the GPS. Leather seats, long-range 53 gallon fuel tanks and fully IFR certified. Aircraft can be used for flight training, aerial observation, and rental.

Redbird LD Flight Simulator

Use our FAA Certified Advanced Aviation Training Device to conduct primary or instrument flight training, maintain instrument currency, brush up on your emergency procedures, fine tune a skill with our instructors, or just practice aircraft carrier landings!

Our Redbird LD features wrap around visuals, realistic loaded flight controls, and easy to use preset scenarios. Our flight instructors can control all aspects of your flight including adding inclement weather and system failures. These characteristics as well as the ability to pause mid-flight for a teaching moment make it a safe and efficient way to train.


Keene Airport Aerial Photo

Identifier: KEEN
Elevation: 488 ft
Pattern Altitude: 1500 ft
Runways: 2/20 6201 x 100 - 14/32 4001 x 75
Unicom: 123.00
AWOS: 119.025 (603-358-6424)
Approaches: ILS, LOC RWY 02; RNAV RWY 02

Current Conditions In Keene