Solo Flight Package


Are you looking for something more than a one time flight but not prepared to commit to all of the steps and expense required to earn your pilot’s license? We now offer a solo flight package in our Piper Warrior aircraft. This package will take you from no flight experience through your first solo flight. This package provides ground instruction and up to twenty hours of flight instruction in the aircraft, or flight training device, making your solo flight in an airplane more than just a dream. A pilot logbook, first flight certificate, six month subscription to Flight Training magazine and your solo picture in local press are also included in this package. Aviation regulations require you to have a medical examination with a flight physician before solo day. This examination is an additional expense (usually around $100). Purchase this package and cross flying a plane off of your bucket list!



Keene Airport Aerial Photo

Identifier: KEEN
Elevation: 488 ft
Pattern Altitude: 1500 ft
Runways: 2/20 6201 x 100 - 14/32 4001 x 75
Unicom: 123.00
AWOS: 119.025 (603-358-6424)
Approaches: ILS, LOC RWY 02; RNAV RWY 02

Current Conditions In Keene